Five Pros and Cons of Living in Pinedale, Wyoming

Five Pros and Cons of Living in Pinedale, Wyoming

It takes a special person who loves living in Pinedale, Wyoming, With its harsh winters and all-year-round outdoor activities. It is a small, tight community whose core is real cowboys mixed with industrial workers. Surrounded by the beauty of the Wind River Range and The Wyoming Range, We have been living here for six years. Wyoming has taught us many things.  
Many of you have contacted us and told us they wanted to move to Pinedale, Wyoming.
Here are the top 5 pros and cons of living here.
Wyoming Cowboys

Pros of Living in Pinedale, Wyoming
Only a few people live here.
Wyoming is one of the biggest states in the United States, with fewer people per square mile. The whole state has 578,803 inhabitants, according to the census in 2021. We live in the least populated county in the least populated state. There are more cows than people in this county. That’s saying something. 
Lots of Public Land 

Sublette County sits on 3.2 million acres, 80% of which is public land. There’s a lot of land to discover. There are thousands of hiking trails you can go and explore freely in the wilderness. All surrounded by natural beauty. 

Year-round Outdoor Activities
Pinedale is for those who love to be outdoors. As I write these lines, it is March. Last weekend, we had a blizzard. You can ice fish, snow machine, or ski in the winter. White Pine is our local ski hill. Or there are groomed trails for cross-country skiing. 
Our springs and falls are short, blink, and you might miss it. Spring, or mud season, as the locals call it. The snow and ice usually melt in May—perfect timing for birdwatching. They say spring is in full effect in Pinedale when the mountain bluebirds arrive.

Mountain Bluebird
 In Summer, you can experience Pinedale, Wyoming, at its best. It is the season for camping and hiking in the Wind River Range and have adventures that will change your life. Always be prepared for the unexpected. And carry with you warm clothes. 

summers in Wyoming
In the fall, the scenery changes, and the aspens give us a present for all senses. When you refuse to let go of the warmth of summer. When the trees show us the magic of letting go.  

Sublette County Fall
Spectacular Landscapes

The Wind River Range and its lakes are something worth seeing. There are 1,300 lakes near the Pinedale area. Everywhere you go, the landscape varies from high desert to alpine scenery. The Green River, one of the major waterways of the Rocky Mountains, runs through Sublette County, Wyoming. 

new fork lake
Diversity of Wildlife
If you love seeing wildlife, then this is the place to be. Pronghorn and mule deer share their land in our neighborhood. It’s easy to find wildlife any day of the year. Moose, elk, coyotes, bears, and beavers are all-year residents. Others migrate with the seasons. If you are lucky, you can find wildlife in the town parks. 

young moose summer
Not everything is honey living in Pinedale, Wyoming. Here are our Con’s.

Everything is 100 Miles Away
Yep! You read it right. Everything is 100 miles away. Pretty much all businesses are locally owned. We don’t have Walmart, Target, or any of the accommodations a big city has. When you enter Pinedale, there’s a sign that reads All the civilization you need. They are not kidding.
The Wind is Unstoppable 
All year round, the wind is blowing. We are talking about sustained 50 miles an-hour wind. It makes it hard to enjoy the outdoors if it’s windy. Sometimes, it can be a challenge. And the wind can help spread wildfires. Please keep that in mind if you are camping.
Harsh Winters 
Winters in Pinedale are long. We can reach temperatures below freezing. Usually, it starts snowing at the end of October and can stick around through May. You better love the snow and cold weather if you live here. It takes resilience and willingness to be out there enjoying God’s creation. 
ice fishing at -9f

It’s Expensive
As mentioned before, everything is 100 miles away. We are one of the most isolated places in the mainland of the United States. Trucks that supply Pinedale have to make special trips here. We are 100 miles away from a railroad or an interstate.  
Only a few people live here.
If you are looking for a big social life, do not come to Pinedale. We have only a few local bars, and you can see the same people around. It's a tough place to be single.
You read only a few people live here twice. That could be a blessing or a curse. Depending on what you need. 
There you go. Those are the things to consider when you are thinking about moving to Pinedale. Thank you for reading me. See you next time.