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The Overland Diaries

Wildlife Photography: Elk

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Wildlife Photography: We found a bunch of elk! This time they were close to the road. They didn’t care that we were hanging out. I was thrilled to see them. They were around 300 elk. I was able to take my sweet time taking photos. It was like a dream come true. It was hard to single them out.

Every time that I found one on the viewfinder. The elk were looking back at me in the eye. That is the most beautiful sensation. The big game was acknowledging my presence, which brought comfort and warmth to my heart on a frigid morning.

Soon after, we arrive. Conor spotted this lonely fellow on the other side. He was surprised to see us. The light was so pretty on that side. It was foggy behind him, and the pink light of the sunrise. I thanked God the whole time for giving us the perfect light for me to be able to bring the heart of Wyoming to your home.

When he reunited the group, it was as if he had brought the light. I couldn’t believe my eyes; my adrenaline was to the max. I saw the landscape waking up with him. It was pretty cool, to be honest with you. Moments like this pay off waking up before sunrise.

Young bucks were playing around. You could hear them making noises with their antlers if you were quiet. They were taking turns. The group was feeling the warmth of the sun when we left.
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There are three ways to print these images. All of them are very light, and they ship without glass.

Production and Shipping Time:

Matte Photo Paper: 5 - 7 days for shipping.

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Gorgeous finished look. It comes out of the shipping box, finished, and ready to hang with a simple nail on the wall. 

The frames come in 3 colors: Black, white, and brown. 

Canvas Prints are a well-known, high-end way of displaying photographs.
2-inch thick wooden floating frame. No staples or ugly lines are visible on the sides (crucial).
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    Wildlife Photography: Elk - The Overland Diaries
    Wildlife Photography: Elk - The Overland Diaries
    Wildlife Photography: Elk - The Overland Diaries
    Wildlife Photography: Elk - The Overland Diaries
    Wildlife Photography: Elk - The Overland Diaries
    Wildlife Photography: Elk - The Overland Diaries
    Wildlife Photography: Elk

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    It brings the wall to life!


    It looks so good against the gold wall!


    They really bring the room together!


    Wow love the vibrant colors in this photo. Can't wait to display it. Outstanding photography, looking forward to additional photos in the future.


    My guest room is bird themed and this photo is a wonderful addition. A quality photo. Quick service. Overall very happy with entire experience.


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